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      Anhui Anxin Fork Co. Ltd. is a leading professional forklift truck attachment manufacturer which was founded in 2009, the factory mainly concentrate on fork products research and development、manufacture 、sales and technical services. The company locates in No.3195 Woyun Road, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui,China. Today Anxin Fork grow as the premier qualified fork products supplier and achieved long-term partnership of cooperation with ANHUI HELI, HELI is a famous brand and big forklift truck manufacturer in China, meanwhile Anxin Fork actively expand fork products market share in domestic and overseas markets.


      The company registered capital 26 million RMB, with its covers 17,000 square meters, more than 8000 square meters factory area, total staff 126 people, 25 of them are technical management personnel. Anxin Fork supply a full range of fork products, ranges from 0.8 to 46 tons, including standard forks 、stone forks 、 explosion-proof forks and other special purpose forks,the factory manufacturing capacity  more than 300,000 units fork products annually.


      The factory passed the ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Certificate and ratified the Export Operation Right, our fork products supply to the global forklift truck attachment markets.

      產品簡介 Product Introduction

      公司可生產截面尺寸300mm×150mm(寬度×厚度), 46噸(噸位)以下的掛鉤式、套筒式貨叉。品種有互換標準貨叉、防爆貨叉、環衛叉、調距貨叉、傾翻叉等各種特殊用途貨叉。

      Anxin Fork has a capacity for making the hook type or shaft type forks in many section sizes, lengths and mountings for lifting capacities up to 46 tons with the cross section of the fork shank or blade not exceed 300mm×150mm (width×thickness). The fork products including Interchangeable Standard Forks、 Explosion-proof  Forks、 Spark Retardant Forks 、 Folding Forks、  Hydraulic Positioner or Thread Positioner Forks etc. together with other special purpose forks for customized design specifications.

      生產能力 Production Capacity


      Anxin fork has automatic production line, including continuous quenching furnace, advanced welding robot production line, automatic coating production line and a series of high-tech production equipment.

      精良品質及完善的質量控制體系 Highest Quality and Comprehensive Quality Control


      Anxin Fork owns a Professional and high level research and development team, at the beginning of the products design and manufacturing process, we strive for supplies high quality fork products to users, comprehensive quality control and strictly manufacturing process guaranteed the fork products reliable quality. The factory has passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control Certificate and ISO 14001:2008 Environment Management Certificate in 2012.



      原材料進廠檢驗Incoming Inspection of Raw Materials

      掛鉤焊接切片檢驗 Cut Hanger Inspection

      淬火硬度檢驗 Quenching Hardness Inspection

      終檢掛架檢驗 Final Inspection

      磁探檢驗 Magnaglo Test


      Regular carry out Yield Test、Impact Test、 a million times

      Fatigue Test and Mechanics Performance Test

      產品特點 Features


      Fork products made of high-strength low-alloy steel materials, meet higher requirements of comprehensive mechanical property.


      Manufacture according to international standard, meet the requirement of customers from different countries.

      貨叉制造標準:GB/T 5184/ ISO 2328 叉車 掛鉤型貨叉和貨叉架 安裝尺寸

      Fork Products Manufacture National / International Standard: GB/T 5184/ ISO 2328 Hook Type Forks and Mounting Installation Size of  Forklift Trucks

      貨叉檢驗標準: GB/T 5182/ISO2330 叉車 貨叉 技術要求和試驗方法

      Fork Products Inspection National / International Standard: GB/T 5182 /ISO2330 Technical Requirement and Test Method of Forklift Trucks


      Compulsive inspection means guaranteed fork products performance reliable and high quality.


      Each fork is inspected by hardness gauge when completion of the tempering process.


      Each fork is inspected by Magnaglo test at all welds and in the critical heel area when completion of the shot blast process.


      Each fork is stamped with manufacturer’s identification, clear and definite stamps offers full traceability throughout the entire production history of each fork manufactured, from raw material through to final inspection.

      標準貨叉可以互換。Standard forks can be used interchangeable.


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